We firmly believe that everybody has to realize something useful for the environment and for the territory. With our Bed & Breakfast we think we took the right path.

Here is what we did and what we will keep doing

For the reconstruction of our house:

  • ecological materials were used: wood, stone and natural paints;
  • double glasses on the windows were installed;
  • the roof and the wall were insulated.

We use:

  • ecological detergents for washing-machine and dishwasher;
  • low energy consumption lamps;
  • A and A + electrical appliances;
  • septic tank;
  • separate waste collection.

We produce:

  • hot sanitary water with solar panels;
  • electricity with photovoltaic system;
  • integrated biomass heating (wood and pellet), and with two fireplaces: with water and with air.

We grow:

  • part of the food we eat (fruit and vegetables);
  • aromatic erbs: rosemary, lavender, origanum, lemon balm, sage;
  • honey;
  • handmade natural soap.

We offer to our guests:

  • linen and towels made with natural materials;
  • breakfast with Bio products, strictly certificated and tested;
  • biological herb teas;
  • mountain bikes;
  • table tennis;
  • aromatherapy;

We choose:

  • to live according to the slow rhythms of nature, close to the wood, water courses, and animals to rediscover our humanity;
  • a more simple and essential lifestyle, that increases human relationships;
  • to use the planet’s resources in a conscious and limited way;
  • to share our choices with you and this is the purpose the Bio

Our commitment for the environment does not end here because, aware that our tomorrow depends from the choices and behaviours of today, we will try to do even more.