Park Valley Treja


The Treja Valley, together with its slopes, hills and cliffs, is the result of a really long geological history, deeply influenced from the existence of some big volcanos in the north area of Rome. The park landscape is therefore characterized from the results of a complex geological history: the bottoms of the valley are tight, dominated by walls of gorges more or less steep and covered with vegetation.
If we follow the course of the river in the inside of the Park, the first most famous point of interest is with a doubt the cascate di Monte Gelato (Monte Gelato waterfalls), after which the river penetrates in a wild gorge until the cliff where the town of Mazzano Romano stands up.
We suggest you to visit Calcata, a real evocative medieval town. Clinging to a spur of rock, surrounded by walls that, its favourable position playing its part, gave in the past an impregnable protection. Nowadays the town is wonderfully preserved, the night lights give it a particular charm and it looks like the time stopped several centuries ago…